Tuesday, August 16, 2011

C-ute is just being CUTE!!

Finally, the official MV for C-ute's Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko! The PV, for me is just another HP-way-of-thinking. It's colorful, where it features the girls in their official color, usual close-up versions where the girls are being cute and their usual dance shot.

The PV starts with the girls sitting in their lair, boxes, room or whatever you call it. And I like Maimi's poise in that pic btw..XD! In my opinion, the background seems to be lacking something, it's quite plain with the colorful boxes with the long colorful roads before them and the plain white background. My favorite part would probably be when the girls are lying with book and paper bags are surrounding them matching their colors. It's funny how the whole PV reminds me of my SCRAPBOOKING MATERIALS! hahahaha!

As for the costume, it looks like a simple version of their Edo no Temari Costume. I didn't like it that much but I'll leave it that way, I don't have anything more to add about it. I've noticed that the girls had their matching hair colors in them, among them, I Like Maimi's, I think it suits her well. I suggest they highlight Maimi's hair that way! Lol

Overall, the PV is FUN and CUTE! Just a typical HP PV and nothing new. I like the mature C-ute more and I hope that in their next single they do more of those things. And before I forget to mention, I think the line distribution is fair enough, everyone gets a decent line. Despite me being an Airi fan, I still don't like it when the others are just like back-ups. So thumbs up for another awesome single! Please support C-ute always!

here's some screen shots

More photos HERE

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