Friday, August 5, 2011

Buono!’s New Profile Pictures for 1st Mini-Album “Partenza” Has Been Updated~^^~!!!

H!P and UFA updated Buono!'s profile pictures for 1st mini-album, "Partenza" on their official sites. Please enjoy the pictures~^^~!

I am not sure their position and color of their cloths have special meaning or not but Momo is wearing the darkest outfit and positioned left. I like Momo's look the most since she's wearing simple black top!(I love black!!!) But thick and long silver necklace and also her red with black ribbon give her edgy look~^^~!!!
Airi is wearing somewhat grayish color outfit and positioned middle. I like Airi's cool jacket and skull on her top! They give her somewhat cool and tough look!!!

Miya is wearing the lightest outfit and positioned right. I like Miya's "BIG" ribbon and her pinkish blush on her face~! They give her somewhat innocent look!!


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