Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tsunku talks about S/mileage’s New Member Audition

Tsunku shared some words about the S/mileage new member/s audition.

Although Tsunku has commented about adding and removing members to the group, he mentioned during the audition that he’s been thinking of holding another addition since S/mileage won the “Rookie of the Year Award” at the 52nd Japan Record Awards.
When asked about what kind of girls he’s looking to add, Tsunku commented, “I’m (looking) for members who seem like they’ll motivate S/mileage and Hello! Project. I might even pull girls from the Eggs (Hello! Project trainees). I’ve been thinking of adding Eggs into S/mileage. Basically, I’m looking for their appeal to the public.”Tsunku also confirmed that he would add at least one, but not more than six girls to S/mileage after auditions are over. “Three or four sub-members, and one or two normal members,” he said to the press.“If I add six members, they’ll all be sub-members, but if there’s a girl who’s outstanding I’ll make her a main member.”  ____Source___
Tsunku's plans of adding more than 2 members quite surprised me. Also about making some of the members into sub-members, which I really don't understand. But I somewhat like his plan having them(new members) become a sub-member, this will make the original members be used to the big change. Also, picking some egg members for the group, that would be something exciting to look forward to.

I'm so excited finding out which girl/s Tsunku picked. Tune in for the future details!

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