Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All leaders will be featured @Ustreamusume; Chisato will be replacing Maimi

During the next Ustreamusume show w/c will be on June 8th, it was announced that the leaders of the MoBeKiMaSu group will be featured, w/c includes Takahashi Ai (MM), Shimizu Saki (BK), Chisato Okai (C), Mano Erina and Wada Ayaka (S).

Now before you jump into conclusions, it was said that Chisato will be replacing Maimi for the show since C-ute's Leader will be absent, so she'll act like a representative. I have no idea as to why chisato was chosen to represent C-ute since Nakky is their sub-leader. But I think Chisato's lively personality will lighten up the atmosphere.

On the otherhand, the show will be hosted by future MM leader Niigaki Risa along with the 9th Generation members.

Don't forget the show on Wednesday @ 20:00 JST


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