Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Morning Musume "Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game full PV

So, I just found the full PV for morning musume's 44th single and very impressive. Anyway, I think a week or two (for waiting for the PV) is now really here.

The PV really turned to be great; the scenes, shots and many more. Like the close up scene where all the members wear an elegant outfit (I really love Junjun's outfit!!! weeeh) and was sitting around a pool of beautiful flowers which is the best scene. There's another scene which is a close up, I think it is a dark little hallway, where all the members walk in (I think) wearing the colorful outfits. There are two types of dance shots shown, one is in the white room where some weird structures are placed, and the other one is in a dark room where there are some light behind them. The dance choreography is not really weak or somewhat boring as some fans say.

Everyone looks great, and I really love Gaki's solo line, it's so powerful, including Linlin's line, she really showed her real strong talent. It's just sad that they'll be graduating now, well, hope they'll have their future career to be successful. Oh, and the prediction about the theme of black is a success! ahaha..The hallway and the lighted colored bars seems to be something in common as how I look at it.

Anyway, the PV turned to be an impressive one, let us all help Junjun, Linlin, and Eri enjoy their last days in morning musume and H!P. The single will be officially released this coming November 17. Hope I can order one. I really hope so...

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