Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maimi Revealed the Names of the 5Maimis in her New e-Hello DVD "Imagine Classic"

Maimi revealed the names of the 5 Maimis in her new e-Hello DVD by posting an entry of C-ute's gree blog..
She blogged " You can see five maimi dancing in the digest. In the filming day, we named them, form right, Chisami Yajima, Kirimi Yajima(foggy) Maimi Yajima (original) Amemi Yajima( rainy) Anemi Yajima (elder sister). Chiami was named from my hair style look like Child Chisato. Kirimi was... She appear on my 1st DVD "a foggy doll" so her name is Kirimi (foggy) " Then, she added " I had film of 5postion, 5clothes, 5hair-style taken. I couldn't know if my 5 dance was synchronized. when I watched the finished film. I felt creepy "Many Maimi Yajima, moreover, my dance is synchronized than i thought!" "
I'm a little surprise, and glad that they named all the 5 Maimis.. The girl she named Chiami really does look like Chisa, nee? Oh, minna! Meet Chiami, Kirimi, Maimi, Amemi, and Anemi! Amazing nee? It does feel creepy when I first watched this video, and never even realize until a fan said that they're all Maimi.. 
Still, I really admire her dancing.. Quite sexy and beautiful..
The Original Maimi
To those who haven't watched it yet, watch it now!

Maimi's Entry
Thanks to Yokoyama-san for the Translation. :)

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